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Introducing: Fredericia City Triathlon

ETU Nordic Championships and CHALLENGE Fredericia on the Olympic Distance, Mix Relay Elite, Final Stage in the Danish Tri Series Championships. A multitude of championships, distances, and triathletes. The first weekend of September 2017 will be a celebration of the fine sport of triathlon – and a festival not to be missed.

No matter what level of triathlete you are, you will want to be in Fredericia for the weekend of September 2-3, 2017. A weekend where the stakes are high, and the scores are settled on a multitude of distances. And if you just want to race for fun – this will be your weekend, too.

Hundreds of triathletes will be racing from 4-20-5 to Olympic Distance in Fredericia, Denmark on September 2-3, 2017.

Beautiful, historic Fredericia will build its entire town festival around the races and ensure that the athletes are going to have an extraordinary race from start to finish. We are trying to make the routes as spectacular in 2017 as it was this year. From mainland to island – and back again. The race will take you across one of the biggest bridges in Denmark, through beautiful, scenic nature, and the historic town of Fredericia.

The swim course is located in the new canals and briefly into Little Belt. This means you are ensured a very spectator-friendly swim in lovely clear and still water.

The bike course is one of the most spectacular you will ever get a chance to ride, taking you across the iconic Little Belt Bridge to the island Funen and through the beautiful landscape around Fredericia.

The run course will take you through Fredericia’s historic town, surrounded by the ramparts that used to protect the city from its enemies, but have now been turned into a city park. Frederica is always a beautiful town to visit, filled with narrow cobble streets and old houses. On this particular weekend, however, it is so much more. The people of Fredericia will be partying in the streets, as this is the weekend of the town festival with tons of music and entrainment everywhere. So, the athletes can expect the kilometres to fly by.

Fredericia City Triathlon is proudly presented and hosted by CHALLENGE Denmark, The Danish Triathlon Federation, and the City of Fredericia.

Fredericia has a strong and proud tradition for triathlon, as they hosted the Danish Championships for the full distance in 1995 and the European Championships in 1997. CHALLENGE Denmark is now picking up and setting the stage for a whole new triathlon era in Fredericia.

Registration will open Friday November 18 at 3pm.